Cultural Customs

First and foremost, respect the culture and laws of the country you're in.

Enter sacred sites with a respect for the local artifacts, environment and spirit of the site.

It will already be obvious to the locals that you are foreign (especially when there is group of you), so be as polite and aware of customs and regulations as possible. You are welcome in every land. Treat your hosts with respect and you will be in turn treated as an honored guest.

Traveling abroad can be the most rewarding experience imaginable. No matter which country your journey takes you to, customs, rules and regulations, cultural practices, cultural differences, local manners, and mores will most likely vary from those at home. The ideal path when traveling out of your country is to embrace the attitudes of openness and acceptance and using the strategies of observing, listening, and inquiring to develop rapport and understanding with your host culture.

1. Keep an Open Mind

Embrace your sense of adventure, keep options open and judgmental behavior to a minimum.

2. Be Tolerant of Differences

An understanding of local beliefs and practices is integral to your cultural experience.

3. Be prepared

When it comes to traveling the top tip that any experienced traveler will give you is to do your homework. Make sure you research the countries and cultures that you'll be visiting before you go. Gestures and customs that may be considered harmless at home may be insulting or offensive in another country.

4. Obey the laws

When you're in another country you're a guest and you must abide by their laws. Be aware of what's acceptable and what's not at your destination.

5. Dress code

Clothing that is fashionable and appropriate at home may not be in another culture. Be familiar with the dress code of the country or site you are visiting.

6. Go with the flow and have fun

Taking a step out of your comfort zone and opening yourself up to new experiences, beliefs and customs is what travel is all about. By accepting and celebrating our differences, your journey will be far more enjoyable. Relax and have fun!