Ireland, Wales, and England

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Experience the convergence of ancient wisdom with modern spirituality. Ponder connections between mystical earthbound structures and significant energy sources. A revelatory journey to Ireland, Wales, & England.

Ireland is home to a unique region called Bru Na Boinne (Palace of the Boyne), rich in history, mystery, and folklore. Within the Bru are what together are considered to be the most important megalithic sites in all of Europe. Truly ancient, dating to 3500 years BC in the Neolithic period, these sacred locations predate both the Great Pyramid at Giza and the current structures at Stonehenge. Perhaps more staggering than the great antiquity and importance of these sites is the deep understanding the ancient inhabitants had for astronomy and geometry, and how it was all intrinsically tied to their spirituality. Sites like Newgrange and Hill of Tara are not only monuments to the dead, but also remarkably accurate astronomical devices, tracking the transitions of the seasons and the movements of the cosmos. Further south is St. Kevin's Monastery in the Wicklow Mountains, which is said to have once housed the Holy Grail. Be charmed by the folklore, amazed by the architecture, and engulfed by history, all on the vibrant and verdant Emerald Isle!

Like the rest of the British Isles, Wales is a magnificent journey through time and spirit. What makes Wales so special is the great preservation of its ancient structures, the wonderful mythology intertwined in the culture and its history, and the proliferation of burial mounds, a great testimony to the ancients' respect for the dead. From, Pentre Ifan, the nation's largest, most important, and best preserved Neolithic cromlech, through the Preseli Hills, thought to be the source of the Bluestones at Stonehenge, Wales will inspire a deeper respect and understanding of the mystery shrouded British Isles.

The United Kingdom has an abundance of sacred sites, but England is an extraordinary and transformative odyssey all by itself. Experience mysterious and ancient energy while visiting religious structures in Glastonbury, Avebury, and Silbury, all connected by ley-lines. Nearby are the famous crop circles of Salisbury and the true centerpiece of sacred English sites, Stonehenge. When you think of the sites of greatest mystery, power, spirituality, and history, a few names always come first to mind. Machu Picchu, the Pyramids at Giza, Easter Island, these are the stars of the world's sacred destinations, but maybe none shines brighter than Stonehenge, England's iconic megalithic masterpiece! Still a mystery despite millennia of speculation, Stonehenge is reluctant to yield its secrets. A burial place, a place of healing, a ceremonial center, or an astronomical observatory or device? Nobody is absolutely sure of anything, except that Stonehenge has been fundamental to local civilizations since its creation.

Through these three countries that have spanned the ages, through the design, alignment, and intent of ancient structures and sites, through rich culture, folklore and mythology, and through the mystical energy that may have influenced it all, a custom journey through the magnificent British Isles will inspire curiosity, respect, and wonder.