Journey Leaders

What makes Gathering Light Journeys truly unique is our world-class experts, trip leaders, and tour staff. Carefully chosen for their specific expertise, charisma and personal achievements, these men and women are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience. Anyone can take you to the most incredible sites, but with the perfect people joining you to share their knowledge and passion for the planet’s most intriguing places, your journey will take on new meaning. Our journey leaders have dedicated entire careers to pursuing personal and professional passions. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their expert guidance and insight consistently bring depth, excitement, and substance to the travelers who join them on our journeys.

Our leaders graciously ensure that both the outer and inner journeys of discovery and exploration are guided, nurtured and encouraged, knowing that once our hearts and minds are attuned, we are able to better express our true potential and purpose.