Enchanting Scotland and her Neolithic Legends

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Amid breathtaking scenery, a world of spectacular history blends harmoniously with quaint modernity in mystical Scotland – an enlightening journey through time and legend.

While enjoying Scotland’s largest cities, it is easy to get caught up in the bustle and flow of modern metropolitan life, but if you look more closely, these cities are often dotted with historical and architectural marvels. The area in and around Edinburgh, for instance, is a culturally and economically thriving community, but within the city and region are magnificent sacred landmarks from days long past. From a 10,500 year old camp site that was discovered nearby, to Edinburgh Castle, which in one form or another has been perched atop Castle Rock since at least the 12th Century AD, Edinburgh is replete with a rich and varied history.

Whereas its cities are often home to remarkable attractions and people, Scotland’s rural and island destinations offer perhaps an even more fulfilling experience. A dynamic expanse of verdant scenery and majestic landscapes, the Scottish countryside makes up the vast majority of the mainland and is nestled between the North Sea on the east and the Atlantic on the west, where earth gives way grudgingly to water. It is here, where the elements converge, that the landscape disintegrates into hundreds of islands, including the archaeologically and historically significant Hebrides archipelago. Occupied continuously from Mesolithic to modern man, humankind has a long and complex history on the islands. Fortunately, those same elements that shaped the Hebrides have benevolently spared many of the islands’ most significant sites, so they still harbor architectural and artifactual evidence of this fantastic cultural succession.

Scotland is a mist and mystery swept land, bestrewn with ancient and sacred sites, bejeweled with mountains and sparkling waterfalls, and blessed with great people and culture. Meditative and serene, a journey through enchanting Scotland is a perfect way to connect to humanity’s ancient past, to experience the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient inhabitants, and to apply them in our world in order to discover and better understand our truer selves.