Following the Footsteps of the Ancients

Journey Leader: Alexandra DelGaudio

Way-Finder. Star Gazer. Truth Sharer. Tree Hugger. Seeker.

Alex is a retired Firefighter-Paramedic who hung up her Hero's cape after 25 years and turned the reins over to her inner-nine year old. By surrendering to the dreams and visions of her younger Self she was taken on a three- year adventure in the desert Southwest that re-awakened her to the joy in her heart and re-kindled her dedication to serve others.

After experiencing a deep Re-memberment of Who she is and Why she is here, she is committed to assisting others in finding the strength and courage to transform their wounds, re-awaken to their hearts joy and co-create an empowering vision for their future.

Alex is a student and practitioner of the Polynesian philosophy of HUNA, Native American Earth Medicine and the Shamanic practices of Central and South America.

As a wilderness guide for girls ages 10-18 with the Women's Wilderness Institute, Boulder, CO, Alex combined her love for nature with a passion for empowering young girls and women through heart centered and adventurous exploration of the outdoors.

A life long student of Story, mythology and archetypes, she combines her love of Nature, the wisdom of the Ancients and her personal experience with joy and sorrow, shadow and light, to assist others on their path of Re-memberment.

Alex lives in Colorado Springs with her wife Jennifer and their Adventure Pug, Haole.