Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest

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Gary A. DavidGary A. David is an author and independent researcher who has been intrigued by the American Southwest since his initial trip there in 1987. The following year he lived for about six months in northern New Mexico, where he studied archaeological ruins and rock art. In 1994 he moved to Arizona and began an intensive study of the ancestral Pueblo People (sometimes incorrectly referred to as the Anasazi) and their descendants the Hopi.

In 2006 after more than a decade of fieldwork and scholarly inquiry, his nonfiction book ‘The Orion Zone: Ancient Star Cites of the American Southwest’ was published. This volume describes a pattern of Hopi villages and ruin sites that precisely mirrors Orion, with an ancient site corresponding to each major star in the constellation. The sequel released in 2008 is titled ‘Eye of the Phoenix: Mysterious Visions and Secrets of the American Southwest’. In 2010 the third book in the series called ‘The Kivas of Heaven: Ancient Hopi Starlore’ was published. In November 2012 the next in the series titled ‘Star Shrines and Earthworks of the Desert Southwest’ was released. His book ‘Mirrors of Orion: Star Knowledge of the Ancient World’ was published in 2014, and his new book ‘Journey of the Serpent People’ was released in November of 2017.

Books are available from Adventures Unlimited Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and fine bookstores everywhere. Some available in Kindle edition.

His articles or interviews have appeared in Ancient American, Atlantis Rising, Fate, Four Corners, Sagenhafte Zeiten (Erich von Däniken's "Legendary Times"), World Explorer, and UFO magazines. One of Gary's essays were also published in Lost Knowledge of the Ancients: a Graham Hancock Reader and Mysteries of the Ancient Past: a Graham Hancock Reader.

Gary continues to give lectures and international radio interviews, including Coast to Coast AM, Dreamland, Jeff Rense, the Paracast, Capricorn Radio and others. He recently appeared on the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens," Travel Channel's "Mysteries of the National Parks," Brad Meltzer's Decoded," "2012: The Coming Apocalypse," as well as the Japanese program "Cosmo Space of America," and Russian TV.

Mr. David earned a Bachelors degree in Arts from Kent State University and a Master of Arts in the literature of the American West and creative writing from the University of Colorado.

He has worked as an adjunct professor of English and creative writing, a traveling ambassador for the South Dakota Arts Council, and a professional lead guitarist/vocalist.

Gary is also the author of a number of poetry books, including ‘A Log of Deadwood: A Postmodern Epic of the South Dakota Gold Rush’ (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, 1993) and ‘Tierra Zia: Poems and Petroglyphs from New Mexico’ (Nine Muses Books, Winston, Oregon, 1996). In addition, he is editor and webmaster of Island Hills Books, an online publishing house, distribution center, and showcase for literature that focuses on the spirit of place.

His website is:

Gary lives with his wife, daughter, and two cats in northern Arizona, where the skies are still relatively pristine.