Ancient Star Cities of the American Southwest

"The Orion Zone"

with author & archaeoastronomer, Gary A. David
October 18 - 23, 2018

Join us as we explore ancient cities of the American southwest, whose terrestrial patterns directly mirror known constellations.

Over a period of centuries the Ancient Ones of the American Southwest constructed a pattern of stone villages that precisely matches key constellations in the sky. Come on a journey to explore the mysteries of these unified star correlations.

The phrase "As above, so below" is attributed to the Egyptian god of wisdom named Thoth. This echoes the biblical expression “on earth as it is in heaven.” Many diverse ancient cultures have erected sacred cities, pyramids, standing stones, or temples in order to mirror the stars. In particular, the constellation Orion has been repeatedly projected as a talismanic pattern on numerous landscapes around the world.

Some of you may be familiar with the correlation between the pyramids of Egypt's Giza Plateau and the stars of Orion. Beginning in 1100 A.D. on the Arizona desert, the Hopi constructed a similar pattern of villages that mirrors all the major stars in the constellation. With author and archaeoastronomer Gary A. David as our teacher and guide, we will explore the sky-ground relationship in the American Southwest and its astounding global significance, and decode many of the ancient mysteries of the Pueblo Indian world.