Black Hills, Mato Tipila

"The Sacred Black Hills Journey"

Coming in 2018

Explore the sacred lands of the Great Sioux Nation and experience the essence of Native America on an amazing journey through the distinctive and powerful Black Hills region.

An important destination for over 60 native peoples spanning back through the ages, this area was sacred to all, and according to some beliefs, was the place where mankind first entered the earth. The list of hallowed sites is extensive, and the entire region is believed by tribal elders to be encircled by a sacred energy field.

Encompassing 14 U.S. states and 3 Canadian provinces, the territory of the Great Sioux Nation was truly expansive. A spiritual and sophisticated people, the Sioux regarded the earth with absolute gratitude and respect, and no place was held in higher reverence than the Black Hills region.

Among the Black Hills’ myriad wonders are the eerie and often otherworldly Badlands of South Dakota, and the majestic and imposing Mato Tipila (more commonly known as "Devil’s Tower"), a remarkable sentinel, sacred to more than 20 native peoples. The United States’ first National Monument, the dramatic landmark dominates the landscape and inspires awe in all who see it.

The extreme significance of the region is perhaps illustrated most succinctly and beautifully by the words of a famed Lakota historian, who said “All of the universe holds a song, [And] all of the songs of the universe [are] located in the Black Hills.” An enlightening journey through the Black Hills is a chance to hear those songs for yourself, to feel the power of the land as it moves you and moves through you.